MINI Sphere

The Sphere in Las Vegas, opened last year, has quickly become an iconic landmark on the Vegas Strip. Its massive size and hilarious emojis make it a viral sensation.

Japanese Lantern Candle

The Japanese Lantern Candle draws inspiration from traditional Japanese ‘chouchin’ lanterns. Its soft, billowy pillar shape casts a calming glow, adding tranquility to any living space.

Anywhere-Use Lamp

The minimalist Anywhere-Use Lamp offers gentle lighting in a world of harsh screens. Its mushroom-inspired head emits a soft, elegant glow, creating a pleasing ambiance wherever it’s placed.


Designed by MemsLux, the AwesomePre reading lamp fosters a deep connection between the reader and their book after dark.

Harmony Flame Fireplace

The Harmony Flame Fireplace is a brass lamp that brings the charm of an outdoor fire indoors. Using bioethanol, it safely spreads warmth and creates a cozy atmosphere, crafted with musical instrument techniques.

Tomori Lantern Kit

The Tomori Lantern Kit allows you to build and customize your own lantern. It’s collapsible and can integrate a conventional flashlight, offering versatility and convenience.

Port Collection

Designed by Tom Fereday and Rakumba, the Port Collection features two shapes: Round and Stadium. Available as tabletop or wall-mounted versions, each piece includes a solid glass block and a metal base.

Matin Lamp

The Matin Lamp by Inga Hempe offers a contemporary take on a classic design. Its steel wire frame simplifies its form, resulting in a unique and familiar lamp with its own distinct design language.

Z Lamp

The Z Lamp’s unique, collapsible design makes it portable and easy to carry. Its ridged silicone shade allows you to expand or contract the lamp, giving you full control over its brightness.

Current Task Light

The Current Task Light, by Jones and Partners, is a compact and minimalist design. It fits seamlessly into any space, offering valuable lighting without occupying much room.