The Tallest Female Stars in Hollywood

Known for her roles in "The Great Gatsby" and "Tenet," she stands tall at 6ft 3in, captivating audiences with her elegant presence.

Elizabeth Debicki

Renowned for her portrayal in "Game of Thrones," Christie's 6ft 3in stature commands attention on screen.

Gwendoline Christie

From basketball courts to Hollywood, Leslie, at 6ft 3in, brings her athletic prowess to roles like "Think Like a Man."

Lisa Leslie

This multi-talented comedian and actress, standing at 6ft 2in, shines in both stand-up and television productions. 

Judy Gold

A Danish model and actress, Nielsen's 6ft 1in frame graces films like "Rocky IV" and "Creed II."

Brigitte Nielsen

Recognized for her roles in "Criminal Minds" and "Archer," Tyler's 6ft 1in presence adds depth to her diverse acting career. 

Aisha Tyler

Standing at 6ft, Johnston's comedic talent has shone in sitcoms like "3rd Rock from the Sun" and "The Exes."

Kristen Johnston

Known for her roles in "X-Men" and "Taken," Janssen's 6ft stature exudes strength and charisma on screen.

Famke Janssen