The Oldest Historic Town in Every State

ALABAMA: Mobile, est. 1702

Founded by the French in 1702, Mobile is a major port city, though Childersburg claims older continuous occupation from 1540.

ALASKA: Kodiak, est. 1792

Kodiak was founded in 1792 by Russian trader Aleksandr Andreyevich Baranov, manager of the Russian-American Company.

ARIZONA: Tucson, est. 1775

Founded in 1775, Tucson has been continuously settled for over 12,000 years according to the City of Tucson's official website.

ARKANSAS: Arkansas Post, est. 1686

Established as a French trading post in 1686, Arkansas Post was mostly destroyed in the Civil War and is now a state park; Georgetown, founded in 1789, is the second oldest functioning city.

CALIFORNIA: San Diego, est. 1769

Renamed in 1602 by explorer Sebastián Vizcaíno, San Diego's first California mission, San Diego de Alcalá, was dedicated in 1769, along with Santa Cruz.

COLORADO: San Luis, est. 1851

San Luis, established by Hispano farmers in 1851, was named after a Catholic saint.

CONNECTICUT: Windsor, est. 1633

Windsor was established in 1633 by settlers from Plymouth Colony, who built the first trading house on land bought from Native Americans.