The 7 U.S. States with Underrated Beach Scenes

Idaho surprises with its scenic lakeside beaches. Orval Hansen Point Beach by Redfish Lake offers a serene setting with views of the Sawtooth Mountains


Known for its rugged coastline, Maine features charming beach towns. Kennebunkport's beaches are home to seals, while Ogunquit offers picturesque views


Michigan, despite being landlocked, boasts impressive lake beaches. Lake Huron's Cheboygan State Park and Mackinaw City Beach are family favorites.


Texas offers unexpected coastal delights. Port Aransas features six miles of sandy beaches, while South Padre Island is perfect for wildlife spotting.


Washington's beaches are often overlooked. Long Beach offers 28 miles of sand and a fun boardwalk, while Alki Beach in Seattle provides stunning mountain views.


Beyond Montauk and Coney Island, New York offers Fire Island National Seashore with untouched beaches and charming towns.

New York

Alabama’s Gulf Shores features 32 miles of coastline, offering a small-town vibe with various activities.