The 7 Most Colorful Snakes You ll Find on Earth

Asian Vine Snake

Southern Asia has several of these gorgeous snakes. They have become popular pets with serious reptile keepers in recent years. Their stunning hues developed for hunting concealment.

San Francisco Garter Snake

Garter snake subspecies include these colorful snakes. The subspecies is endangered and threatened by habitat loss. Wild snakes are prohibited to acquire, yet reptile collectors catch them.

Sri Lankan Pit Viper

Slim snakes with big triangular heads. Though elegant, they are slow snakes. Their daytime activities include sunbathing and sometimes hunting.

Ball Python

When stressed, the ball python curls into a ball, thus its name. Being smaller than most pythons and laidback have made it one of the most popular pet snakes in the world.

Rough-Scaled Bush Viper

Hairy bush vipers are named after their spiky scales, which resemble hair. Venomous snakes may kill humans. The actual toxicity depends on location, snake, and weather.

White-Lipped Island Pit Viper

One of the world's most attractive snakes is this viper. In particular, the turquoise variety in the photo seems fake. The white-lipped island pit viper comes in brilliant green and yellow.

Green Tree Python

For their size and vibrant colors, reptile lovers love these huge snakes. They remain a least concern in the wild. Due to pet trade smuggling, the natural population is falling dramatically.