Here are Top 9 Classic Makeup Looks for Every Woman

Mermaidcore Magic

Discover the allure of mermaidcore makeup with tips from celeb artist Emily Gray. Embrace shimmery teal and iridescent blues for a mystical eye look that sparkles.

Playful Pastels

Summer’s here with pastel perfection! Blend shimmering shades effortlessly from lid to brow for a fresh, lifted vibe. Opt for playful gel liners and pink blushes to complete this dreamy.

Airbrushed Elegance

Achieve flawless, glowing skin without the shine. Start with a luminous primer and a demi-matte foundation for a natural finish. H

Sculpted & Sunkissed

Enhance your summer glow with bronzer, highlighter, and blush for a cohesive, sun-kissed look. Choose warm tones that complement each other for a versatile makeup style perfect for any summer occasion.

Elevated Glow

Master understated glam with dewy skin and a soft highlighter sweep. Prep your skin with hydrating products and finish with a luminous highlighter to achieve a natural yet radiant look.

Festival Fabulous

Celebrate summer festivals with bold, multidimensional eyeshadow looks. Channel vibrant hues and shimmering finishes to stand out in any crowd.

Tropical Winged Liner

Escape to the tropics with vibrant eyeliner that pops. Create a colorful, winged effect using bright shades like orange and yellow. Finish with a hint of blue for a playful summer-inspired eye.

Pretty Pastel Shimmer

Capture the essence of summer with shimmering pastel eyeshadows. Blend shades like light brown, mauve, and rose gold for a radiant, day-to-night look that sparkles in the sunlight.

Playful Pink Wings

Level up your summer winged liner with coral and pink hues. Experiment with vibrant colors to elevate your eye makeup game. Blend with golden-brown and yellow-green shadows for a fun, flirty finish.