Fall in love with walking with this 8-day streak challenge

Decide on a daily walking goal that's achievable yet slightly challenging. It could be a certain number of steps, a distance, or a duration.

Set a Goal

Especially if you're new to walking regularly, begin at a comfortable pace and gradually increase intensity as you feel more comfortable.

Start Slow

Explore different routes in your neighborhood or nearby parks to keep things interesting. Walking in nature can be especially refreshing.

Find Interesting Routes

Create a playlist of your favorite tunes or listen to podcasts during your walks to make the time enjoyable and pass more quickly.

Listen to Music or Podcasts

Walking with a friend or family member can make the experience more enjoyable and provide extra motivation.

Invite a Friend

Use a fitness app or a pedometer to track your steps or distance covered. Seeing your progress can be very motivating.

Track Your Progress

Be mindful of how your body feels during and after your walks. Appreciate the physical and mental benefits.

Pay Attention to Your Body

Celebrate completing your 8-day streak with a small reward or by planning a longer walk or hike to continue the momentum.

Celebrate Milestones