9 Of The Biggest Birds On Earth

Marabou Stork

The largest stork species globally, standing 5 feet tall and weighing up to 20 pounds. Known for scavenging carrion, distinguished by bald heads and massive throat pouches.


Australia's largest bird, reaching heights of 6.2 feet, flightless but swift runners at 31 mph. Solitary creatures that mate and raise young together, with males incubating eggs.

Harpy Eagle

Among the largest eagles worldwide, with a wingspan of 6.5 feet, found in South America. Noted for hunting skills, using talons to capture prey like porcupines and deer.

Wandering Albatross

Boasts the world's largest wingspan at nearly 11 feet, gliding over oceans. Travel long distances, facing threats from fishing activities affecting their populations.


Earth's tallest and heaviest bird, standing 9 feet tall and weighing up to 287 pounds. Flightless but agile runners at speeds up to 43 mph, using wings for balance and defense.

Greater Rhea

South America's counterpart to the ostrich, standing up to 5 feet tall, weighing 66 pounds. Flightless runners at speeds up to 40 mph, males incubate eggs and care for young.


Towering at 6 feet, equipped with helmet-like casques for navigating dense vegetation. Known for aggression and powerful kicks with clawed feet, found in New Guinea and Australia.

Dalmatian Pelican

Largest pelican species with an impressive 11 feet wingspan, skilled in high-altitude flight. Consumes up to 4 pounds of fish daily, utilizing large bill pouches for efficient fishing.


Standing 5 feet tall, these solitary hunters navigate freshwater swamps in Africa. Recognized for their unique appearance and success in catching fish, not true storks.