9 Everyday Items the American Middle Class Can’t Afford Anymore

Growing healthcare prices have made it harder for many Americans in the middle class to obtain high-quality care, including insurance premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket payments.


Due to the increase in college costs, many middle-class families find it difficult to finance their children's higher education without incurring large debt.

Higher Education

The rising cost of homes, particularly in urban areas, has outpaced income growth and prevented many middle-class families from becoming homeowners.


Due to the exorbitant expense of daycare, many middle-class parents are forced to make tough decisions or rely on unofficial, less dependable care options.


Because traditional pensions are disappearing and salaries are stagnating, middle-class Americans are finding it impossible to save enough money for retirement, leaving them ill-prepared for later life.

Retirement Savings

For some middle-class homes, having access to healthy food has become a luxury due to the rising costs of fresh fruit and healthful foods.

Quality Nutrition

For many middle-class families, having a dependable car and keeping it maintained has grown more difficult due to increased fuel prices and insurance fees.


For the middle class, frequent holidays and leisure activities have become financially difficult due to the competition between discretionary and necessary expenditure.

Vacations and Leisure

Many middle-class households now find it difficult to accumulate a sizable emergency fund, making them more susceptible to financial shocks like unexpected medical expenses or job loss.

Emergency Savings