9 Easy Tricks to Make Delicious Homemade Dog Food

Lean, Boiled Chicken or Turkey Breast

A popular choice for dogs with upset stomachs, providing a protein source without much fat, fiber, or seasoning.

Canned Tuna or Salmon

High in essential nutrients; choose water-canned, salt-free options to avoid exacerbating stomach issues.

Cooked Eggs

Nutritious and high in protein, but higher in fat, making them a riskier option for some dogs with sensitive stomachs. Ensure they are cooked without oil or seasoning.

Canned Pumpkin

Ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs and symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea due to its low glycemic index, which allows for slow absorption.

White Rice

Bland and nutrient-rich, making it a suitable food for sensitive canine tummies. Ensure it is cooked properly and cooled before feeding.

Sweet Potato

Boiled and peeled to reduce fiber content, it provides essential vitamins and is easy on a dog's stomach.

Bone Broth

Nutritious and easy to digest, homemade bone broth is a treat for dogs. Ensure it is cooled and fat is removed before serving.

Baby Food

Suitable for dogs, especially stage II meat-based baby food free from seasonings, which is gentle on sensitive stomachs.

Boiled Potatoes

Similar to white rice, they offer a bland source of nutrition but with higher vitamin content, making them a beneficial option for dogs with sensitive stomachs.