9 Cutest 4th of July Hairstyle Ideas to Show Off Your Patriotic Style

Red, White, and Blue Braided Crown

Creating a Red, White, and Blue Braided Crown involves weaving together red, white, and blue ribbons or strands of hair into a braided crown around your head.

Dual Cornrows

Rock a tough look with double braids that scream confidence. Perfect for outdoor activities, these braids can be styled with metallic cuffs for extra flair.

Braided Top Knot

Combine elegance with ease by wrapping braids into a charming top knot. Ideal for adding volume and charm to your hair without sacrificing practicality.

Candid Bandana

Elevate any hairstyle with a cute bandana, perfect for all hair textures and lengths. Whether channeling Rosie the Riveter or opting for lace, it’s your go-to for a versatile July fourth look.

Side Braid

Sporty yet feminine, a side braid accentuates your features and adds a touch of elegance to your July fourth ensemble.

Bulletproof Bun

Secure your hair with an elegant bun that stays put throughout your day of festivities. Add twists and statement clips for a playful touch.

Crown Braid

Simple yet stunning, a clean crown braid guarantees a romantic and lasting July fourth hairstyle. Keep bobby pins handy for a wispy, romantic look.

Space Buns

Embrace a trendy 90s revival with space buns, perfect for any hair type. Thick or textured hair adds volume, making these buns a cool summer statement.


Achieve intricate beauty with a fishtail braid that radiates elegance and intelligence. Master this style for a standout addition to your July fourth repertoire.