9 Curly Haircuts on Celebrities of Every Style and Length

When Jada Pinkett Smith debuted her curly pixie cut, the world collectively thanked her. This bold cut requires regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh

Jada Pinkett Smith's Curly Pixie Cut

Elizabeth Berkley's '90s-era curly hairdo is iconic. To achieve this look, start with long hair and incorporate a ton of layers

Elizabeth Berkley's '90s Layered Look

Aly Michalka's softer, messier wavy look is both realistic and attainable. This style works well for those with long, heavy curls that can weigh down the hair.

Aly Michalka's Soft Waves

AnnaLynne McCord's natural curls are stunning and unique. Replicating this look requires a lot of hair volume and strategic layering.

AnnaLynne McCord's Voluminous Curls

Yara Shahidi's long bob is a favorite among curly-haired individuals. This cut involves expert layering to maintain the shape and volume of the curls.

Yara Shahidi's Long Bob

Nicole Kidman's early headshots feature her thick, curly hair with minimal layering. This style relies on the natural thickness of the hair to create a full, voluminous look

Nicole Kidman's Classic Curls

Salma Hayek's style is ideal for those with less hair volume. The length of her hair helps to weigh it down, preventing the "triangle" shape that can occur with curly hair.

Salma Hayek's Low-Volume Curls

Charlize Theron's short bob from the '90s is a classic style that suits various curl types. The gentle circular shape of the cut works well

Charlize Theron's Circular Bob

Nicole Richie's casual curly style features long layers starting around shoulder length. This cut is perfect for those with less dense hair.

Nicole Richie's Casual Curls

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