8 Types of Blue Flowers That Add a Pop of Color to Your Yard

Ideal for containers, Lobelia offers masses of dainty flowers in blue, pink, red, purple, and white varieties, adding vibrant color to any garden arrangement.


Known for its towering columns of blue flowers, Delphinium makes a striking addition to cottage gardens and containers, thriving in well-draining soil under full sun to partial shade.


This self-sowing herb features star-shaped flowers that attract pollinators and complement vegetable gardens, thriving in sunny to partially shaded areas with well-drained soil.


Black and Bloom Salvia stands out with long spikes of rich blue flowers, perfect for containers and landscapes under full sun and well-draining soil.


Also known as Bluebonnet, Lupin enriches soil with nitrogen and showcases tall spikes of blue flowers, thriving in full sun and moist, well-draining soil.


Bearded Iris varieties, easy to grow and spread through rhizomes, offer a range of blue hues, perfect for partial sun to shade conditions with well-drained soil.


Bigleaf and Mountain Hydrangeas produce blue blooms in acidic soil, making them a colorful choice for gardens with partial to full sun exposure and moist soil.


Bachelor’s Button or Cornflower, known for its easy growth from seed and vibrant blue flowers, thrives in both full and partial sun with moist, well-draining soil.


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