8 Top Men's Fade Haircuts That are Trendy Now

Hipster Taper Fade

A stylish and low-maintenance fade haircut popular among hipsters and well-dressed men. Requires minimal styling with gel or pomade.

Fade with Side Part

Trendy fade haircut style with a side part, flattering for various face shapes. Ideal for longer hair on top, often paired with a comb-over.

Low Fade

Best for men with rounder faces, featuring a pompadour with a low taper fade. Creates height and sharpness while elongating the face.

Shadow Fade

A perfectly blended fade with short hair, eliminating the need for styling tools and products. Achieves a subtle and natural-looking gradient.

Drop Fade

Named for the fade dropping behind the ear, forming an arc from temples to nape. A fun update for your fade haircut, usually done at the barber shop.

Low Bald Fade

An understated and neat look achieved with a precise skin fade, often accompanied by an artistic line up. A cool and frequently requested men's haircut.

Disconnected Haircut with Fade

Features a sharp contrast in hair length between the top and sides/back. Achieved with clippers and scissors, creating a trendy and in-style look.

High Top Fade

A high top fade with spiky, punk rock ends works well with long top hair. Make sure your gel has high hold if you don't want the appearance to fall flat mid-concert!