8 Outdated Fashion Trends That Need to End Now

Infinity scarves had their moment but have faded from current trends. Opt instead for traditional oblong scarves.

Infinity Scarves

The cold shoulder trend has cooled off in recent seasons after a quick rise to popularity. Instead, opt for tops with flutter or puff sleeves

Cold Shoulder Tops

The era of oversized, long pendant necklaces has passed. Instead, opt for shorter, layered necklaces that add depth and texture to your outfit.

Long Pendant Necklaces

Low-rise skinny jeans have taken a backseat to more current denim trends. Embrace high-rise flares which are making a comeback.

Low-Rise Skinny Jeans

While cardigans remain a wardrobe staple, long dusters and waterfall styles are less prominent in current fashion trends.

Dusters & Waterfall Cardigans

Quilted puffer vests, while practical, have waned in fashion popularity. Consider opting for a shacket (shirt jacket).

Quilted Puffer Vests

Low-shaft ankle booties with split shaft designs are no longer as fashionable. Instead, opt for clogs .

Low Shaft Booties

Camo prints, once trendy, have taken a backseat in recent fashion seasons. While not completely out of style.

Camo Print