8 Funniest The Far Side Comics That Will Never Get Old

This classic comic features a door labeled "School for the Gifted" with a student pushing against it, which clearly reads "Pull" — a humorous commentary.

The School for the Gifted

Perhaps one of the most famously confusing comics, "Cow Tools" depicts a workbench with tools that vaguely resemble cow-related objects, leaving viewers puzzled and amused.

Cow Tools

In this comic, a deer is seen gracefully catching a rifle thrown like a stick by a confused hunter, turning the hunter's traditional role on its head.

Deer Playing "Catch"

A duck sits on a psychiatrist's couch expressing paranoia, saying "I feel like I'm being followed," with a tiny duck-sized car visible behind it,

Duck Talking to a Psychiatrist

Showing Neanderthals pushing square wheels, the comic humorously questions the evolution of transportation technology with a touch of prehistoric logic.

Neanderthals at Work

This comic imagines a ranch where chickens flop around like fish out of water, labeled as the "Boneless Chicken Ranch," playing with the absurdity of such a concept.

Boneless Chicken Ranch

Two vultures on a deserted island contemplate their fate, with one saying impatiently, "Patience, hell! I'm gonna kill something!" showcasing the dark.

Vulture on a Deserted Island