8 '90s Hair Color Trends That Are Still Going Strong Today

Bright Blonde

Iconic '90s platinum blonde demands high maintenance with regular root touch-ups. Pamela Anderson's natural brunette lifts easily; patience needed for dark hair like Beyoncé's.

Chunky Highlights

Bold '90s trend with Geri Halliwell; Ciara revives it with vivid contrasts against the base. Chunky highlights make a statement with striking color differences.


Janet Jackson's signature '90s cinnamon shade exudes warmth. Zendaya's modern twist highlights its timeless appeal with rich tones and depth.

Dip-Dyed Ends

Christina Aguilera pioneered dip-dyed ends, precursor to ombré. Tyra Banks softens the trend with blended color gradients for a subtler effect.

Fiery Red Highlights

Kelly Rowland flaunted fiery red highlights; Megan Thee Stallion updates with subtle underlayer accents for a contemporary twist on a classic look.

Frosted Tips

'90s cool redefined with frosted tips seen on Cameron Diaz and now Miley Cyrus. Gradient blends add modern flair to the sun-kissed effect.

Money Piece Highlights

Cindy Crawford's '90s money pieces evolve; Sofia Richie embraces bold face-framing highlights with darker roots for a striking contrast that enhances facial features.

Skunk Hair

Christina Aguilera's chunky black highlights inspired skunk hair, now refined by Dua Lipa with intentional sections blending black and blonde for edgy sophistication.