7 Types of Siamese Cats by Body Structure and Color

Traditional or Applehead Siamese – 

Traditional Siamese cats have a sturdy and muscular build with a balanced body shape. They are not as slender or elongated as modern Siamese.

Modern or Wedgehead Siamese

They have a distinctive wedge-shaped head that is long and narrow, forming a triangle when viewed from the front.


Similar to the traditional Siamese, Balinese cats have a medium-sized, muscular body with a graceful and elegant appearance.

Thai or Old-Style Siamese

Resembling the traditional Siamese, Thai Siamese cats have a moderate body shape that is neither as robust as the traditional nor as sleek as the modern Siamese.

Colorpoint Shorthair

Short and smooth coat, but with color points that deviate from the traditional Siamese colors, including patterns like tabby points or tortoiseshell points.

Lynx Point Siamese

Typically have stripes or spots in addition to their color points, giving them a distinctive appearance.Similar to the traditional Siamese or modern Siamese.

Flame Point Siamese

Unique among Siamese cats for their warm, reddish points against a pale cream body, often resembling a flame.Similar to other Siamese varieties.