7 Things You Should Have Been Buying from the Dollar Store This Whole Time

The Key to Clean Dishes

Sea sponges are pricey for dishwashing. For hygiene, replace sponges weekly after studies show bacteria accumulate. Use dollar store things to save money without sacrificing cleanliness.

Household Chemistry

Bleach and ammonia brands are similar. No need to invest on handcrafted versions despite their toxicity. Dollar store alternatives work as well at a lower cost.

The Most Necessary Product in the World

Premium toilet paper makers justify price spikes with vague promises and smaller rolls. Switching to better store brands for toilet paper can save consumers a lot of money annually.

A Smile in an Envelope

Despite millennials' interest in greeting cards, spending extravagantly on them isn't wise. Dollar store options provide the same sentiment at a fraction of the cost, especially considering their eventual disposal.

Paper Plates and Plastic Cutlery

For disposable items like paper plates and plastic cutlery, it's financially sensible to opt for cheaper options, especially for one-time uses like picnics or parties.

The Final Touch for Any Great Gift

Temporary items like wrapping paper should be inexpensive. Dollar store options offer affordability without compromising on aesthetics.

Garden-Fresh Decoration

Frugal florists know the value of dollar store vases, which offer quality at unbeatable prices. For budget-friendly floral arrangements, look no further than the nearest dollar store for affordable vase options.