7 Gazebo Ideas for a Picture-Perfect Outdoor Retreat

If you like rustic cottage style, create a log gazebo. This one has a stone floor and functioning wood fireplace. Greenery and draped draperies provide romanticism.

Rustic Log and Stone Gazebo

Consider a minimalist design like this for a contemporary house. A stone retaining wall complements the cool tones of a sleek black roof with slim columns. Even matching furniture is limited.

Ultra Minimalist Gazebo

This stunning free-standing gazebo inspires romantic dreams. The tent-like form, ruched blue cloth roof, and curtains lend visual appeal to any yard, while scalloped embellishments add even more.

Small Gazebo With Curtains

Consider installing a porch gazebo. While not a genuine gazebo and open on all sides, this is a fantastic option for individuals without yard space who desire a gazebo. You may quickly come and go from the residence, making it easy.

Gazebo Meets Porch

Brick is a great material for outdoor retreats, even if many are built of wood or metal. This Eiler Associates brick gazebo is spacious enough for cooking, preparation, resting, and eating.

Large Brick Gazebo

Take inspiration from a classic gazebo's silhouette while building. It has a traditional spherical form with a pointed roof made of strong cedar wood. Corner lattice work adds character, while lush vegetation.

Traditional Cedar Wood Gazebo

It is not necessary for a gazebo to be situated on the ground level. This stunning lakeside building is built on stilts, which not only offers breathtaking views of the water but also provides room for storing a boat.

Elevated Waterfront Gazebo