7 Best perfumes to add to your collection, according to experts

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This innovative product uses biotechnology to recreate the aura of extinct flowers, enhancing and prolonging the scent of your favorite perfumes.

Future Society Optimal Habitat Fragrance Enhancing Primer:

Known for its warm cherry and vanilla combination, this perfume is both seductive and flirty, perfect for layering with other fragrances to create a unique summer scent​ (Marie Claire Magazine)​.

Juliette Eau De Parfum:

Featuring fig, jasmine, and bergamot, this limited-edition perfume captures the essence of a Mediterranean summer. Its bright and sunny aura makes it ideal for the warmer months​ (Marie Claire Magazine)​.

Diptyque Ilio Eau De Toilette:

With notes of black cherry, leather, and tobacco leaves, this perfume has quickly become a favorite. It's perfect for those who appreciate bold, luxurious scents​ (WhoWhatWear)​.

Victoria Beckham Suite 302 Eau de Parfum:

A fruity and floral fragrance, this perfume features notes of lychee, blackcurrant, candied violet, and vanilla. It's sweet, slightly floral, and perfect for anyone looking for an uplifting scent​ (WhoWhatWear)​.

KAYALI Eden Sparkling Lychee:

This beachy perfume features notes of heliotrope, pink pepper, almond milk, jasmine, and sandalwood. It's complex and summery, making it ideal for those who love warm, spontaneous scents​ (Glam)​.

Michael Kors Wonderlust:

With notes of bergamot, orange flower, and solar musk, this fresh and slightly beachy perfume is perfect for the warmer months, offering a light and fresh scent that transitions well from day to night​ (Byrdie)​.

Phlur Solar Power: