7 Benefits of a Rowing Machine, Plus How to Row With Proper Form

Rowing machines have a low learning curve because they're simple. You should use appropriate form and the right resistance for your training goals.

They re Easy to Use

Rowing is one of the few full-body workouts. Besides arms, it works your legs, upper body, and core. The following body parts and muscle groups can be hit in one rowing session.

Rowing Works Your Arms, Legs, Back, and Core

Whatever your fitness level, don't overuse your knees and other weight-bearing joints. Rowing is an efficient, low-impact, high-intensity workout.

It s Not a Weight-Bearing Exercise

Rowing machines are great for interval, endurance, and strength training.

There s a Variety of Workouts

Rowing relieves stress and tension, improving mental health. Rowing can help you relax and escape the daily grind with consistent, repeated exercise.

Rowing Provides Stress Relief

Rowing is a great cardio alternative if you're bored with your typical program or want more variety. 

It Breaks Up the Cardio Monotony

Sitting all day at a computer or staring down at a phone hurts posture. Rowing can help you avoid hunching because of these and other exercises. 

Improves Posture