5 Signs You Could Be Using the Wrong Moisturizer

1. Rashes/Redness

A rash or swelling could be caused by many things, and one of them could just be that your skin is sensitive. Always talk to a doctor to find out what's wrong.

2. Dryness

If lotion doesn't help and your skin is still very dry, it's time for a change. Some people can tell their skin is dry by how tight it feels, and makeup that looks "cracked" is another sign.

3. Acne

"If your skin is prone to acne, you should try a lighter moisturizer," he said. "Instead of a cream, try a serum or hydrating gel that contains hyaluronic acid." Even though you might want to "dry out" your skin,

4. Oiliness

"If you notice that throughout the morning, your skin is glowing a little too much, it may be the moisturizer that is giving you too much shine," he said. "This is where a moisturizer with glycolic or salicylic acid should be used."

5. Bumps

There aren't acne on your face if you see groups of small white bumps. Milia are these white bumps. You shouldn't be worried about them, but you should see a doctor to get your skin back to normal.