10 Obscure Monster Movies You’ve Probably Never Heard

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

A South Korean film about a mutant creature terrorizing Seoul, blending horror with social commentary.

The Host

A Norwegian found-footage film following a group hunting trolls in the Norwegian wilderness.


Based on a Stephen King novella, it explores a small town enveloped by a mysterious mist hiding deadly creatures.

The Mist

A romantic horror where a man falls for a woman with a bizarre secret tied to ancient mythology.


Directed by James Gunn, it's a comedic horror about an alien parasite turning townsfolk into grotesque mutants.


An Irish horror-comedy where a coastal town discovers that getting drunk is the best defense against blood-sucking aliens.


Shot in found-footage style, it depicts a giant monster attacking New York City from the perspective of a group of friends.


Set in a post-alien invasion Mexico, it follows a photographer escorting his boss's daughter through an infected zone.


A Western horror about a group of settlers hunted by subterranean creatures in the 19th-century American frontier.

The Burrowers

A British horror where spelunkers encounter monstrous creatures in uncharted caves, combining claustrophobia and terror.

The Descent