10 Most Haunted Places in America and the Ghosts That Call Them Home

Known for its haunted places like St. Louis Cathedral and the Old Absinthe House, with ghostly presences including William Faulkner and Marie Laveau.

New Orleans

Famous for the Gray Man ghost, who warns of impending hurricanes, and haunted spots like The Pelican Inn and All Saints Church.

Pawleys Island, South Carolina

Haunted by tragedies like the Iroquois Theater fire and H.H. Holmes' "Murder Castle," with residual hauntings in sites like the St. Valentine's Day Massacre location.


Home to the Jersey Devil legend and haunted by ghosts from abandoned factories and the site of a 1928 plane crash.

Pine Barrens, New Jersey

Renowned for its haunted locations including Moon River Brewing Company and The Marshall House, with eerie stories at The Graveface Museum.

Savannah, Georgia

The most haunted hotel in America, featuring ghostly tales from its years as an ocean liner, including apparitions in areas like the first-class swimming pool.

Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

Haunted by spirits at places like the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum and Castle Warden, offering ghost tours to explore its paranormal history.

St. Augustine, Florida

Known for its icy phenomenon and paranormal reports, including ghostly footsteps and voices in the dark depths of the cave.

Shoshone Ice Caves, Idaho

Famous for the Shanghai Tunnels, where kidnapped residents were taken, and reported ghost sightings tied to the city's dark past.

Portland, Oregon

Inspiration for Stephen King's "The Shining," with its own ghostly tales including Room 217 and the concert hall, known for eerie occurrences.

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

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