10 Historic European Hotels All Americans Must Visit

Hotel Sacher, Vienna, Austria

Established in 1876, renowned for the original Sacher-Torte. Combines luxurious accommodations, Viennese hospitality, and a significant collection of Austrian art.

The Ritz, Paris, France

Opened in 1898, embodies Parisian elegance. Iconic on Place Vendôme, frequented by elite guests like Hemingway and Chanel. Features historic bars, including the famed Bar Hemingway.

The Savoy, London, England

Since 1889, epitome of British hospitality. Edwardian and Art Deco interiors host royalty and celebrities. Offers a timeless experience near the River Thames.

Grand Hotel et de Milan, Italy

Founded in 1863, a favorite of Verdi and Maria Callas. Near La Scala Opera House, it preserves its historical charm with antique furnishings and elegant ambiance.

Hotel Alfonso XIII, Seville, Spain

Commissioned in 1929, exemplifies Neo-Moorish architecture. Luxurious retreat near Reales Alcázares and Cathedral, offering Andalusian cultural immersion and exquisite cuisine.

Belmond Hotel Caruso, Ravello, Italy

Restored 11th-century palace overlooking the Amalfi Coast. Features an iconic infinity pool, Mediterranean views, and elegantly furnished rooms with private terraces.

The Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina.

Built in 1848, neo-baroque style in Engadin valley. Majestic facade, opulent interiors, and breathtaking Alpine views. Offers gourmet dining, spa, and seasonal outdoor activities.

The Gritti Palace, Venice, Italy

Originally a noble residence, transformed into a hotel in the 19th century. Overlooks the Grand Canal, offering sumptuous rooms adorned with precious fabrics.

Ashford Castle, County Mayo, Ireland

Dating back to 1228, meticulously restored medieval castle on a 350-acre estate. Exudes regal elegance with luxurious accommodations, fine dining.

Pera Palace Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

Opened in 1892 for Orient Express passengers. A symbol of late Ottoman Empire grandeur, hosting literary greats like Agatha Christie. Centrally located in vibrant Beyoğlu district.

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