10 Best Fast-Growing Trees To Create Privacy Without A Fence

Known for rapid growth, this evergreen adds 3-5 feet annually, reaching up to 70 feet tall, and provides a timeless look with its dense foliage.

Leyland Cypress:

A classic triangular privacy tree, it grows 3-5 feet per year, achieving heights of 40-60 feet, ideal for forming a lush, green barrier.

Green Giant Arborvitae: 

Suitable for zones 9-11, this tropical tree grows 2-3 feet per year, reaching 15-40 feet, and adds a beachy vibe to your backyard.

Areca Palm: 

This deciduous tree grows 1-2 feet annually, reaching 30-60 feet, and offers seasonal privacy with beautiful white blossoms and ample summer shade.

Southern Catalpa:

Adding 1-2 feet per year, this small tree reaches 8-12 feet and provides evergreen foliage with tropical yellow flowers.

Yellow Oleander: 

An evergreen favorite, it grows up to 5 feet annually, reaching 15-20 feet, and can be shaped as a shrub or tree with a wide canopy.

Wax Myrtle:

Known for its tall, slender silhouette, this evergreen grows 1-3 feet per year, reaching 50-115 feet, and brings a Tuscan feel to landscapes.

Italian Cypress:

This fast-growing tree adds 5-8 feet annually, reaching 50 feet, and serves as a classic shade tree, though prone to limb breakage.

Hybrid Poplar:

Growing 1-2 feet per year, this evergreen reaches 30-40 feet, forming a pyramid shape and thriving in full sun with various soil types.

Eastern Red Cedar:

A fast-growing evergreen shrub, it reaches 15-30 feet, providing year-round privacy with dark green leaves and seasonal berries that attract wildlife.

American Holly: